Access to scene settings with Bolt ?

piotr.siwiec.gm 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

Is there's way to access scene settings (volume) from Bolt ? 

F.e. Depth Of Field, Visual Environment etc. ? 

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In Bolt 1.4 you gonna need a little helper script on your Volume, which defines the values you want to control.

Here as example for the vignette:

Then you have to update your Unit Options. If that is done you should see your new nodes in the graph editor.

In Bolt 2 you can set the post processing option directly without helper script.
But keep in mind, that Bolt 2 is still in alpha.

Thanks for very fast reply - I try it.


Thanks Erin! Indeed, because TryGetSettings<T> is a generic method, it's not supported out of the box in Bolt 1, so you need a helper script like the one Erin suggested. But it is supported out of the box in Bolt 2!

I do that in Bolt 2. 

It's simply as possible:

and params:

But, now I don't figure out how to change Camera aperture ? 

Good news! I found easy solution to change physical camera aperture - Bolt 2 is great!!!