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Hi, I am very new to Bolt and I would love to use it in a Game I put together with different assets. What I am trying to get done with bolt is:

When my game ends I want to read the "endscore" (collected Items) variable from the c# script and add it to the players "money" (currency) so the player can "buy" stuff to get a better performance etc.

I tried a few tutorials but I don't where to start with t get it done. Please give me same hints to get startet

Thank you

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First thing should be to set the variables you want to use from c# scripts to public and add this scripts to the type options in Tools->Bolt->Unit Options Wizard
Then you can search for these scripts in the fuzzy finder and read out your public variables. 
A other solution could be to trigger bolt events from your c# script.

Hello Elin, thank you for your answer. I find my way a bit into it. But I couldn't get it done to set the "currency" in the C# script. What can I do?

I see your problem. You are trying to set a float as a c# script.
I think you need a public class, that sets your variable in the script. Then you can call this class from bolt.
The c#script node input only defines, on which game object your script is assigned to.

Oh I think you don't need the class.
Just make sure your variable is public.


Thank you for your help....got it with this grath