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I'd like to add text to TextMeshPro Text
What kind of flow should I use?

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Please post any flow you worked out? I would be interested in seeing a sample.

Thanks :)


Since TextMeshPro is not native yet and it works more like a 3rd party asset you have to add "TeshMeshPro UGUI" in Bolt's Unit Type Options Wizard and then regenerate units. 

Thanks again TowerCrow,

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I prefer adding tmp to the assemblys to use it ether as UI text (text mesh pro UGUI) and as standalone Worldspace text(text mesh pro).

If you want to get the correct format by setting text on runtime i recommend adding string builder to the type options and make a little macro to set the text.

I that doesn't work there is still the option to Rebuild the text mesh pro object.

Hi Elin,

You seem very knowledgeable about using TMP and BOLT and I could also use some guidance with how to set up events.  I am using a TMP UI Input Field and would like to set up an event where on Value Changed what the user enters gets saved as a variable to be called at other points in the game...ie: a user name.  I have added the appropriate TMP assemblies and the Unit Types but I can't find any 'On Value Changed' events for TMP UGUI Input Fields.  Is there another way that I have to go about this with BOLT?  If you could shed some light, that would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

Thanks Elin,

I am working out the flow you suggested. Looks much better than what I had so far.


Hi Garnette,
the problem is, that we don't have a on value change event for tmp input fields.

However you can trigger an unity event from the tmp input field and ask which value the text has and save that in a variable.

Hi Elin,

Thank you!  I will use the example.  I appreciate your help.

Hi all,

I have a simple scene with a 3D Object > Text - TextMeshPro

I added a Flow Machine component to the Text(TMP) game object (image below).
In the Macro, I want to compare the text with keyboard input but I cannot figure out how to access the actual text. Everything I try ends up at a dead end, LOL
I added  TMP via the Bolt>Units Wizard as pointed out by Elin. I now see all the TextMeshPro options. 
I tried TextMesh get using self but there was a target is missing error. 
I tried lots of other things which would be too boring or embarrassing to share.
Where am I wrong?  Thanks :)

This is one way how to do it

You're amazing Elin!

I haven't even gone all the way through it yet. 

Thanks very much!

I will work through it ASAP...


you're welcome :-)
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