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"Collision Event Proxy" script not added to all colliders

Jesse Ford 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

I have assigned a variable  to the scene  variables game  object and  seen that  only this item is getting  the Collision Even Proxy script added and stay on this object even when the variable is changed during runtime  which sadly isnt detecting collisions after the  variable has  changed  to a new collision object.


New  Variable  > assign  game  object  with  collider (box in mycase)  >  Play > change  variable  to  new  gameobject  with  collider  =  proxy script  not added


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Bolt 2
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Hi Jesse,

Event proxies get added when an event starts listening on a given game object. So if you just change a variable but don't enable/disable the machine with the collision event, or change its state, it won't get added.

Can you perhaps explain what it is you're trying to accomplish?

Just testing really,  so not really trying to accomplish anything major,  I am a tester after all :)

I however was assuming this could be a bug of sorts or could lead to issues down the line, hence testing.

For reference, (at the time) I was trying to detect collision from objects without scripts from another script pretty much.