Right-click at connection to remove connection optional?

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I really loved the old way of working with just one right-click to remove a connection, it was great to be able to quickly work on removing and adding connections on the fly, the new right-click and choose delete is really slowing me down. I understand it wasn't for everyone, but I really had a great workflow with how it was before upgrading. Is there any chance it could be made optional in the next update? I love that Bolt is eing developed with backwards compatibility to older graphs and it would be great if individual workflows could also remain backwards compatible.

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Bolt 2

+1. Right click on little white arrow to remove a connection - should be optional available. 

You can alt+right click the connection noodle to remove it currently but it's way harder to hit it than the arrowhead. And it does require an extra button press and hold.

I like the newly added functionality but I'm also in favor of returning connection removal on right-clicking the arrowhead. Just because it's so much easier to hit with a mouse and it doesn't require an additional button press.

At the very least I'd like to see alt+right click to work also on the arrowhead. That way it would keep consistency with the alt right-clicking the connection noodle and we wouldn't have two different removal methods which is kinda bad from UX perspective. But I'm still not a fan of a basic, very frequently used operation requiring extra button presses though.

I like the new connection options, and as you say the arrowhead is way easier to hit, but I don't want to be using alt+rmb as its having to hold a key, before it was just so intuitive and would be great as an optional setting.

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Hey everyone,

So the reason this was removed was because I initially wanted to have port-level options for things like coroutine, breakpoint, etc. I needed a way for the user to toggle them, and because the port label is sometimes entirely hidden (e.g. in vertical flow control ports), I needed to have contextual options available on the handle itself.

However, due to a bunch of design changes, those options were no longer needed. The coroutine option is now controlled by a separate unit, and the breakpoint option is now per-connection. So currently, I don't see a good reason not to add it back in.

But, if I ever needed port-level options again, I'd need to take it away. Alternating in UX back and forth is not ideal in my book, so I'm trying to avoid it. I'll consider it carefully and make a decision before the stable version of Bolt 2.

Thanks, I understand the need for stabilizing UI designs, but I also agree that while in alpha, it's a good time for hard experimentation and also for feedback from such changes. I'm personally not certain if I'd be able to get used to changing my habits with Bolt at this stage (many others may disagree) as other nodeing tools I have also used right-click to remove connections, so I'm crossing fingers for it's return (if only as optional choice!) 


Brought it back for Alpha 5 in the time being: https://streamable.com/qypke

Thank you SOOO much, I'm so happy about this!! :D