How to use/read/understand the Unity API documentation

Alatriste 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

Hi all,

I think one of the problems Playmaker users face, is that we got used to the Playmaker system, where the actions bury all the logic and only expose the needed parameters. When I'm watching the Bolt tutorials, many times I wonder, "how he knows what precise command he has to use?" Many of those commands even look the same to me! And I think the problem here is that we are not get used to look for the Unity API information, or we don't even know how to read it. I'd appreciate a tutorial that goes into this topic, which seems pretty basic but very important to start creating flows.


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You could read up on the Unity scripting API but I think it's a tough place to start because you don't know what you need for the systems and mechanics you want to implement. So I personally think the best place to start is a C# introductory/basics course on Udemy, Pluralsight or Youtube if you don't want to pay. If you choose programmer naming in Bolt you can type in Fuzzy finder exactly what you see in the C# script to get the same code in node form. It's fairly straight forward and shows you exactly how Unity and Bolt work on a basic level. 

Once you have the basics down you can look up courses or Youtube tutorial series on a game genre you want to make and translate those to Bolt. At some point in the process, you should have enough knowledge to start implementing your own designs down the road.

I agree with TowerCrow, it's a tough thing to deal with since the purpose of bolt is to be open and capable of doing anything unity can, not just what the devs say you can in their closed environment.  Learning a bit of code, and getting used to looking up things in the Unity manual is a good idea for anyone using Unity to do anything complex.

That being said, I also agree that more bread and butter units are always a good thing.  I believe the macro system is supposed to fill that need, as users can upload their creations to simplify complex actions.  This is one area probuilder excels, by having a built in explorer to search and download third party units.  With Bolt, you have to go to the macro section of this site manually.

Hi, thanks for your replies. I tried several times to watch some c# tutorials related, but when they point out the Unity documentation, they don't explain why they choose that particular command instead of a similar one. But if I make the mistake to confuse them, the one from the instructor will work and mine won't, even when they look very similar. Maybe the instructor went through the same process or trial / error?