Naninovel integration with Bolt

Alatriste 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

Hi, I recently bought this plugin to create Visual Novels (Naninovel) from the asset store, and I intend to use it together with Bolt so I can extend the gameplay capabilities. Would it be possible to have a collaboration with the author so we all can benefit from it? I already spoke with Naninovel dev, and he was very kind to integrate it.


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Bolt can integrate most assets by default. I doubt there's anything needed from Ludiq people to make this integration happen but there might be things that need to be tailored on Naninovel side to work well with Bolt.

Please see how integration is achieved in Dialogue System asset: https://www.pixelcrushers.com/dialogue_system/manual2x/html/bolt.html It should give a good idea on how to achieve something similar for Naninovel.

The manual is a bit sparse on the topic but you can integrate most assets via Bolt's Unit Option Wizard which intelligently exposes C# code as Bolt nodes (like in the case of Dialogue System integration in the link I shared above). Here's the manual entry for it: https://ludiq.io/bolt/manual/scripting/custom-types


Everything's sorted now, Naninovel dev has access to Bolt and will aim to integrate it for next release: https://github.com/Elringus/NaninovelWeb/issues/48#issuecomment-485010616

Thanks for helping!