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Long scene load time [Android build]

babywka 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

In the editor on PC scene loads almost rapidly in ~1-2 sec, but when I making build for android scene loads in 70 seconds. I tried to delete different things but looks like it all bolt, because after I have deleted state machines - scene becomes loading on the Android build in ~3-5 seconds. Made AOT prebuild

Here is all my state machines on the scene

Any advices?

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Hi babywka! Sorry you're having this issue, this is obviously way too long to be acceptable.

Can you connect the profiler to your Android build to check where the time is spent? It's hard to tell what might be happening otherwise, especially if it's fast in the editor for the exact same build.

sadly but profiler doesn't during scene loading, so yea, hard to say what's going on during that time