Alpha 4. Absent "get item by index" unit in generic list folder.

Iskander Karim 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 7

A new unit for receiving an object in the list by its index is available only through a search in the fuzzy finder. No sign of it in collections -- list<t> folder.
updated: made a clearer screenshot.

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Bolt 2
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i noticed this too, you can fix it by adding also the non interface types, List and Dictionary, to your types in the extractor.

>non interface types
I don't know much about this topic :( How are they specifically called? I added the bottom two, it didn't help. Using search isn’t that hard, it's just inconvenient not to find this unit in the right folder.


Actually you are totally right. Some kind of bug. I thought you couldn't get anything at all in that category. I couldn't at first till I added those, unless I searched. Looks like the get index is indeed missing no matter what without a search.

As far as interfaces, interfaces are just a type that doesn't contain the real methods or variables, but a contract stating this type will guarantee said methods or variables exist in a type. Most of the time you see an interface starting with a capital I. Such as IList being the interface, vs List being the actual type that uses the contract of IList. So if someone say was looking for types of IList, they will get back the real type as long as it implements IList. That way say you have two types that implement IAttack which contains a method of Attack. Each of them can be found the same way, but do different logic inside the method, but you don't need to know what it is actually doing, just that it contains that method so you can call it.

Got it. Thanks for explanation, it's totally clear and useful.

Working on Fix

Hi Iskander Karim,

Indeed this is a bug, thanks for the report. The issue is that these are special units and the fuzzy finder skims over them in the type children. I'll get it fixed soon!

Fixed in Alpha

Fixed for Alpha 5.