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Weird inexplicable behaviour

Alessandro 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I have an odd bug that is driving me nuts.

I have 4 scenes in my build.

At the end of each scene I have the "Finish" line, a prefab with the macro flow machine below:

Now for the odd thing.

From scene 00 to 01, all work as intended. Player triggers finish, next scene is loaded

But all other scenes, Player triggers Finish and it only loads the current scene instead of progressing to the next scene.

I tried:

- Rebuild unity options;

- Unpack the prefab, delete it and recreate it;

- Delete the macro and create a new one.

Nothing. No idea what could cause this behaviour.

Any suggestion?

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Try LoadSceneAsync without coroutine?

I tried, no difference, it still loads from scene 00 to 01, but then it keeps loading 01.

Or if I start from scene 02, keeps loading 02.

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Hi Alessandro,

The only reason that comes to mind is that this object always remains in the 0 scene for some reason. Is it maybe set to DontDestroyOnLoad?

I double checked and DontDestroyOnLoad only includes variable saver and global event listener.

After further investigation, I also noticed that not only this loads the same scene instead of the next one, but also it has a 0.5 secs break. This is the behaviour I programmed in an earlier version of the macro, which I then changed.

A similar issue (Phantom wait not longer in the macro) I noticed is happening in a different macro.

Any chance I can invite you to the project?