Showing bolt 1 graphs when using bolt 2 alpha

Richard Rae 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 5

Hi,I have downloaded the Bolt 2 Alpha and using it in a new project.My problem is that the graphs look exactly like they did in Bolt and not like the new version.Is their any way to correct this?

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Can you provide a screenshot? It would be helpful for understanding your question.

screenshot of what I mean.


Characteristic features of bolt2 like compact units, proxies and new node snapping appeared in bolt 2.0.0a2, when you have alpha1. You can upgrade two versions up from a1 to a3, which have a lot of improvements. But beware, alpha4 is coming and it has a lot of breaking changes. Maybe it is worth wait to a4


Also it makes sense to read change log to alpha versions. List of new features and removed bugs is quite serious. Bolt 2 should be absolute beast, but before its full release - using all this alpha versions is somewhat controversial.