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Steve 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 4


I can't seem to figure out the compare tag. I have a cube moving forward in Z. If it collides with a static rectangle tagged 'Obstacle' I want to send an event to the player that turns off the flow machine with the movement.

So, if player objected tagged player collides with rectangle object tagged obstacle then deactivate player movement flow machine.

In my graph the as soon as the cube starts to move forward on the ground which is tagged 'ground' it turns off the flow machine on the player cube for forward movement.

What am I doing wrong here?



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Got it figured out. I'm just not used to this language, yet. Knowing all the in's and out's of where to pass stuff, and how to pass stuff is quite challenging currently, but also intuitive.

Is it possible to create a 'bread and butter' type examples page of common logic? Colliders, events, movement? I'm doing this now for myself, but maybe when I understand enough I could put something together. If I can learn it, then showing some basics in a simple way might be helpful for others as well.


Hi Steve,

Glad you figured it out. Yes, I definitely want to get more examples and tutorials ready.

There were plans for an official video tutorial series with a well-known YouTuber, but we got delayed for external reasons. I'm evaluating my options to get those ready ASAP.

If I was to add more examples to the examples section in the mean time, what kind of graphs would you like to see?


Hi Lazlo,

I would like to see as examples (weather best with flow graphs or state graphs doesn't matter to me, just which ever one is best suited):

1. Triggers: on trigger exit/enter/stay, a light turns on, a chest opens, something like this

2. More about raycasting: return a hit tag, if hit, play an animation

3. Accessing Unity's Animator state graphs and triggering bools, or accessing floats or any of the other parameters.

4. Creating a pick up; coins for example

5. Touch on the UI system as well.

6. How Bolt handles it's variables. This would be good for people who have used other visual scripting tools as Bolt allows you to just pass stuff with having to get and set as much, at least that is my initial impression.

Honestly, I would assume I can figure all of this out. But, for learning this basics of Bolt as a real time 'artist' not a real time 'programmer' without years of programming experience, I think the basics of best practices would be fantastic. This can be learned with time of course, but just some more general stuff would be fantastic.

I'm currently watching C# tutorials and translating those into Flow Graphs which is where all of my questions are coming from. it's a really good exercise and so far awesome for learning. 

If I had no playmaker experience - and this is again, from an 'artist's' perspective, I might find Bolt just too intimidating to want to pick up. And, I'll be honest, I bought it more for the UX then anything. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the UI/UX is stunning and of course, aside from the cashing times, the functionality is amazing.

Sorry for the ramble, but just my two cents. 

Not a ramble at all, this is valuable feedback to me, thanks for taking the time to write it up.

Your example ideas are all good and simple, I should be able to write most of them in an afternoon when I get a minute!