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Steve 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 7

Hello, I'm trying to get a camera to follow a cube that is translate over time. But, I'm struggling quite a bit. Mainly though, when I get a game object variable, get it's position and then feed that into set position for the camera, I keep getting this error. I don't know if this is bad form, but I really am just trying to visually lay out:

transform.position = player.position + offset

Offset is the camera offset from the player or moving cube's position. What am i doing wrong?

Sorry to ask such low level stuff, but I'm just trying to build some kind of foundation.



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Hi Steve!

What this get variable unit is trying to do is get the variable called "HeroCubeObject" (second string port) defined on the object [HeroCubeObject] (first GameObject port). If you only need to access the object itself, you don't need to use Get Variable, you can just pass the object directly.


Ahh, okay. I'll work on that! Thanks, Lazlo. :)

Alsoi keep an eye on the Graph inspector if you  haven't looked, red and yellow nodes usually point to what is missing.

Seems like I finally got it. Taking me some getting used to. But, quite nice so far!


Here's a tip for your graph: you don't need that first Set Position unit. You can connect the result of Get Position directly to the A port of Add. :) 

Another tip: you don't need to connect the flow ports for most nodes that just return a value. For example, here, you can connect Update directly to the last Set Position.

Okay, cool! I'll try that out. Yes, it seemed like I was using too many nodes. You will have to forgive another Playmaker comparison, but I'm just so used PM actions that carry a lot of weight for the user. This system seems more flexible in a way, but yeah... Still very much learning.