Spawn GamwObject in front of FPS camera

sirimat 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Hi guys,

Quick question: how can i instantiate a game object in order to make it spawn always in front of the player?

I made the following actually, the object spawn but it is not spawning in front of the player but always in a fixed position. I want it to spawn where i am facing. The 'FirstPersonCharacter' is a child of 'FpsController' as you can see from screenshots.


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probably its becouse it takes world(global) position instead of local. it always hard for my mind i just try different ways

and probably you can use forward +5 .but i dont remember local it or global.

 maybe good idea will be debug from current position to position with +5 to see whats going on


I think i've solved in this way. I'm sure is not the best solution but it actually works very well :)

thanks for the reply