Can we Translate bolt UI

softdev 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2


I think Bolt is great not just for creating games but as an educational tool for children. Does Bolt offer translation from English to some other languages. I tried to play with the UnitOptions.db generated file as an sqllite3 data base but unity throw some errors.

Am I looking in the wrong direction?

Do you have this on your plan

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I also want to know !

( Please Bolt 2 Version Add customize UI translation  to some other languages a function )

Thank You !


Hi Softdev, Man Chun Siu,

Translation is something we want to do in the future (with a priority on Japanese and Chinese), but for the moment there is no easy "language file" to edit. We are waiting until Unity officially supports editor localization to use their standard format (it has been announced, but no release date set as far as I remember).