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error CS0161: 'FlowMachine2GraphScript.Start()'

kicktherabbit 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 2

Hello ... 
I finished a game. Everything was fine in live mode. Then I tried to export for windows. Startet but doesn't work. Then I tried to test it in C# mode. Then it crashed (regular crashes are somehow normal, so I always just reaload) but now I get: "Assets\Ludiq.Generated\Transient\Scripts\FlowMachine2GraphScript.cs(47,28): error CS0161: 'FlowMachine2GraphScript.Start()': not all code paths return a value"
for every script. So its 11 times.  Now I can't start even in Live mode. Not Bolt reinstall helps etc.

Any ideas ? 

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Bolt 2
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Hi Kicktherabbit,

Can you send:

  • A screenshot of the graph (FlowMachine2)
  • The generated code for it (FlowMachine2GraphScript.cs)