Hinge Joint - Spring and Damper values - How to set them?

PawelG 3 years ago updated by 陈建安 2 years ago 4

Hi there,

I have a question about the Spring and Damper parameter in the Hinge Joint component. How to set them from the flowMachine?

There is a "spring (set)" object but has a "value" input. What kind of value is it and how to set it? Its not a float or integer... Or there is a different flowMachine object to set those values?

Any ideas?


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Ok, thanks to Reality.Stop() on Bolt Discord I managed to did this.

The "JointSpring" type need to be added to the Unit Options Wizard->Types.

Then the flow graph looks like this:


Glad you got it figured out! Indeed, spring is a struct that gets nested in the joint component, so it needs to be handled separately.

I had the same problem, but there's no output here, I've added everything in the type options, 

nothing. Please help.

Unity : 2019.3.2f1


I did it! I forgot about the Chainable !!!