Clear state At enter or after exit?

mikenspired 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

Lets say I have an attack state with multiple paths on a select on integer. Its run a couple times. I go in to debug a problem, but the paths show all the previous paths its taken, so I have no idea which path was last taken. How do I clear the past flow paths so I can pause the game, open up the state and see the last items fired.

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I know I can see variables going through execution, but why cant we see the main execution lines that have been executed?


Hi Mike! When you pause Unity, instead of the droplet animation, each connection that was traversed in the last frame should show as blue. You can use this to do frame-by-frame step through.

Recording frame-by-frame debugging data is something we're considering for the (far) future, but it's not a minor endeavour to do without sacrificing performance or memory.

Heres a screen shot of my state after a few run throughs and is paused. You can see all the different paths look the same so I cannot tell which one was last run through. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong?

Hi Mikenspired,

Bolt does not store the last path that was run through, because there would be no visual indicator to make it look different than the currently active path. As I mentioned, storing historical debug data of every previous frame is something we are looking into for the future, but it's not trivial to implement without using huge amounts of memory or slowing down the entire runtime.

What I suggested was not to look after, but to look during execution, using frame-by-frame step through (the third button in the Unity toolbar).