(tiny) Link to node's documentation in Graph Inspector

Vong 3 years ago updated by Diosney Sarmiento 2 years ago 1

A tiny link in the top right of the Graph Inspector, for when you have a node selected, linking either to the Unity Scripting API or the Bolt Manual. (to open in-browser)

Would be helpful for people still new to Bolt-specific nodes, as well as for novices using Human Naming who want to dig a bit deeper.

Personal selfish reason is that I've spent a day getting confused by mesh.vertices and mesh.GetVertices as they both show up as Mesh Get Vertices in Human Naming. The idea is probably more useful in general rather that for my edge case though..

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

I was about requesting the same, but I would also add question marks like Unity does on components, to the node inspector tab as well, that links to the proper page in the Unity Scripting documentation (if offline exists will point to it if is easily detectable).

Something like this:

In the first arrow, I would like it to link to the Unity Scripting documentation on GameObject, and in the second one, to the Collider page:



(sorry for posting the offline links, that was just for an example)