Can I just use the FSM with Unity and not the entire Bolt tool?

krupps 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1


I want to use bolt right now for just the Finite State machine and pathing, but not the Flow graph or the other tools. Will that work in Unity or do I have to use all of Bolt. I want to keep my other existing scripts, animations, and animation state machines intact. 

Is this possible or will it take over everything and I have to convert the entire project over?

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Bolt 2

Hi Krupps,

You can use any existing class/method/script in your existing codebase in Bolt directly. So yes, you could basically just use State Graphs, and from each state, just call your existing C# scripts instead of writing the logic as a Flow Graph.

To clarify, Bolt does not deal with animations at all. That is entirely up to the Unity Animator FSM.

Note that Bolt requires Unity 2017.4. For Bolt 2, it requires Unity 2018.4.