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emin 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

I have a list<GameObject> with 2 prefabs in it,  put a button tested with debug.log  it works, it even added a item but it adds max 1 item.

so tried with a List Add Item, but it doesnt work. can anybody help me, this was one of the reasons that I wanted to switch to bolt instead of c# programming, 

So adding from a list to list,  im gonna put a second button offcource for the second prefab, thats why I add List Get Item Index. Its also ok to add the prefabs directly to the list. So Prefab To List. But what is going wrong here? I want to know? 

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Probably faster to ask in Discord (unless you already did)
But the Flow has to go through the Add Item first.

Sometimes you don't need to connect the flow, and Bolt is smart enough to dynamically fetch what is needed, but Add List is not one of those cases (I'm guessing because its actively doing something, in which case the order matters)


Indeed, as the orange severe warning tells you, the Add Item unit needs to receive a control flow in order to know when to add the item.