convert macro to code?

maxbaumgaertner 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 6

Hi there :-) is there a way to convert macros to code?
because how would you upload a solution to unity-asset-store then? It would only work for people with bolt right? :-)

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Hi Max,

In Bolt 2, all graphs will automatically get converted to C# scripts, mainly for performance reasons. The scripts will still require Bolt to run, though.

You are free to distribute graphs on the asset store (e.g. node packs), but not Bolt itself.


thats a pitty 0:) it narrows down potential customers quite a bit . Export to standalone c# functionality would be realy nice for distribution purposes O:-)

Thanks for your fast reply dear lazlo ;-) 


Exporting to standalone C# would be quite a trade-off though. It means we couldn't provide any kind of library or framework to help our users. For example, our events and variable systems couldn't be used.

We actually have two goals with C# generation:

  1. Performance (running at the speed of C# + IL2CPP)
  2. Learning (seeing C# next to your graph)

Standalone export was not part of these goals from the get go so we didn't design for it. Of course, it's not our intent to create code that's Bolt-dependent. With some minimal manipulation, it should be pretty straightforward to strip Bolt dependencies from a generated C# script.

Once Bolt v2 is out a quick tutorial on how to strip Bolt dependencies would be really cool. I love bolt and for specific use cases it'd be useful knowing best practices. 

That would be realy cool to make this happen :-)

I feel like the unity-assetstore is a magical place like no other.

The community and amount of solutions is just amazing.

If bolt had the standalone export function, people could distribute their work with "bolt" folder and a "precompiled" folder for users that do not own bolt :-)

Its more solutions for the people and more cash for the developers :-) and people might get interested in bolt because they see the foldername  :-) 

Well :-) just guessing loud O:-)

I just see myself between two chairs .

My childish me is like: "yeeey bolt!!!"

My Business me is like: "better stick to c#, its more cluttered and gives you headaches, but you can at least sell your stuff without rewriting :-)