Really long lists and dictionaries lagging out Flow Graph and more

Nathan Haskins 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

So the issue I'm running into is that I need to make lists that are very long, and I'm finding that storing them in the Variables or even in the graph, I'm running into lag problems - there's just too many items to render! Above you can see a very long list that is generated at runtime after reading in a file.

The whole thing locks up and lag badly at this point. I have noticed if I use a 'create dictionary' it doesn't show the items in the list whereas AOT list does.. pretty much, I need to hide things I think.

Any ideas about how to get around this issue would be greatly appreciated!  I'm still pretty new to Bolt, so maybe I'm missing something obvious... 

*create dictionary seems to hide the content. 

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Look into Super Units for refactoring existing code ie "hiding" stuff. https://ludiq.io/bolt/manual/flow/super-units

TowerCrow, thanks for the reply and the link .. reading the article gives me some ideas as how I might hide the massive List values in a super unit.


Hi Nathan,

You should be using Create List instead of List Literal when populating a list at runtime. Then you won't see the items actually appear in the graph. In fact, List Literal has a few issues and is likely to be deprecated in the future.

Lazlo, thanks for the info, will do!