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Android Instantiate possible bug

Athreyu 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Hello! First of all, I'm a new Bolt user and I don't know anything about programming. That's why the title says "possible bug", the problem could just be my ignorance.

Anyway I'm creating an Android app and I had issues with the Instantiate units. They all work flawlessy in the editor, but when I tested them in a build on my Android device, they didn't work at all. To further investigate the problem, I then created a simple test scene with just camera, light and an empty object with a flow machine that spawn a cube prefab at start. The results were that these 2 units worked as intended, the other 3 didn't spawn the cube. Below the Instantiate units are the other units I used in the scene. So please, if I'm missing something let me know!

PS: Bolt is amazing, thank you Ludiq team! Keep up the good work :)

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Hi Athreyu,

Sorry you're having this issue. I'm not sure what may be wrong here, except maybe the quaternion literal you're using. Have you tried using Quaternion: Identity instead?

Also, make sure 1,1,1 as the position is visible from the camera?

Other than that, are you getting any error or warning in the console on Android?

Hey Lazlo,

yes the position is visible from the camera. I didn't get any error in Unity console but I don't know how to check on Android. I also tried the Quaternion: Identity with no success. Then I realized that I didn't hit the AOT Pre-Build button for this new scene. Tried that and after the pre-build, it worked. So I apologize for the dumb report and take the chance for a question: do I have to pre-build every time I make any change to the scene?

Next time that something doesn't work I'll ask for help before posting a report!

Not a Bug

Hi Athreyu! Glad you got it resolved.

You don't need to AOT Pre-Build any time you make changes to your scene, but yes, you should AOT Pre-Build after you add any new node to your Bolt graphs. It's called Pre-Build for that reason! :)

Got it, thanks for the reply! :)