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Wayne Hawkins 3 years ago 0

Hi bolt developers.

I have for some time tried to learn visual coding. I started with PM and when Bolt was born, I moved to give this a go. Not sure why my head did not click to visual scripting but for me someone great at C# in the world of Web just could not make the jump to Unity Game development. That being why I looked at a Visual Coding solution.

I have spent a bit of time with Bolt 2 and believe you guys have at last cracked it. The fact you see code as you build is a big deal and game changer. But.. again, someone with coding skills but not Unity coding skills I still find it hard to do the basic to build my skills on.

With some very simple changes you could make a system that amazing even better.

When you look at any videos or look at your own work you often wounder how it was done, it hard to reverse engineer it. That is what object did you use and how (without searching) where does it live. I know searching is the way forward but when you still learning, one tends to click into things until you find what you belive is the object needed for the code.

So a few things you can make this faster. I love the right click and replace. This is nice but what it should do is

a) Jump to the location of the current object - why? because often you just pick the wrong one, eg Physics Raycast (what one to try next). The fact they almost all look the same and doing a search to find and try the next could be even faster

b) A right click and show the full path where this object lives - why? This help your muscle memory learn looking at your own work and others. What is this object and where did I get it from so I can learn and try others that are close too it

This I'm sure would be very simple to add in and I know a lot of people would agree this would be very useful.

As for learning. Many of your users will be like me, a coder but not a Unity coder. The on-line tutorials are great. But I am sure, like all that stared, we tend to follow a learning path. You know, Hello World.

* How variable work
* How to do flow control (and I am yet to see this)- Do While, For Next, Switch. This is the most important foundation to coding and should be well documented for Visual Coding.
* Then learn Classes, Overloading, ... 

From here someone with coding skills can then have a good starting point to grow from.

Here my 2 cents. Wayne :)

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