Let game object to rotate

abginner 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Is that possible to let a object to rotate by connecting 'get variable of the object' to 'get local euler anlges' without rigidbody?

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Yes, you can use Transform: Rotate, with the overload that takes a Vector3 as an input. A rigidbody is not required for rotation unless you want physics.

Thanks for your reply. I have a further question: as the input of vector 3, I want to set the rotation on Y axis as a dynamic input. But with start event or update event, error comes: the value cannot be fetched dynamically. The structure is: get variable - value changed input - vector 3 create - transform rotate. How can I make it work?

What exactly do you mean by "value changed input" in your structure? Is this where the error happens?

Ii is slider value changed, I set a variable to that, it is okay now, thanks.