FlowMachine looses macro and has deserialization error due to prefab with nested prefabs being added to the scene.

EdSpurrier 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3


Have come across this issue afew time and now have experimented to find out that when I add prefabs to a nested prefab in the scene I loose all my Macros that are attached to my Flow Machines in that scene. If I save the project then the project is ruined and when I reload it will stay lost.

I have managed to put it down to if I have prefabs nested within other prefabs then the Macros that are selected in the Flow Machines go "bold" and when I press play it detatched all the Marcos there after pressing stop they are disconnected permenantly.

Along side this the Graphs no longer show anything. If I add a Macro to a Flow Machine then the Graphs are all blank.

The Macro files themselves are fine and not corrupted as I was able to take them out of the project and load them perfectly in a new project.

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Hi EdSpurrier,

This is likely due to one of the many changes introduced in the new 2018.3 prefab workflow.

Can you try our beta 1.4.1 branch and see if it fixes it? https://ludiq.io/bolt/download/1.4.1b5

Hey Lazlo,

Thanks for your reply. So I was working through my project and of course stupidly just avoided the issue for a while. Then it happened again and however I updated my Bolt to the one you posted and it seemed to get it back and repair the issue. I will let you know if it ever happens again.

Thanks for making an amazing asset! I am a long time coder and this is my first experience with a visual coder and think that this has changed the way that I work for the rest of my life!




Glad it was resolved! Cheers!