Fuzzy search with special delimiter

Skypatcher 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Allow us to enter      t.pos     v3.add    rb.addf

to search transform.position, vector3.add, rigidbody.addforce

The idea is to allow user to enter   t.pos    Fuzzy search will then try to search 'namespace/category' that has something to do with t (such as transform, touch, etc).  Fuzzy search will search position. Then combine the TWO list and find entries that have overlaps.

Common namespace/category can be abbreviated with one or two letters.

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This is already allowed by the algorithm:

Letters that are the first of a word or consecutive are prioritized.

v3.add won't work because Vector3 isn't included in the option name IIRC, but something like v3.x would, for example. In Bolt 2 with the operator rework, "add v3" would work.

Thanks for pointing out. Keep up the good work.