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Smooth short Bezier connection

Skypatcher 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

The default connection is a Bezier curve, it looks pretty and elegant except when it is too short. When the nodes are close together, the Bezier curve becomes a somewhat ugly and distractive S hook (that looks like a knot).

Suggestion: When the nodes are very close, less than a certain threshold. Bolt will use a straight line connection. A better and more sophisticated approach is to bring (scale by a portion) the control points MUCH closer to their respective nodes so the connection curve remain a very smooth curve leaving a node and entering the other node with essentially one tangential direction. I have tried this approach myself and the visual is very pleasing.

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That's an interesting suggestion and it could be fairly simple to implement. Right now the bezier width is proportional and we're actually enforcing a minimum tension.

Moving forward in the future with Bolt 2 though, we expect most graph lines to be straightened out with the new vertical flow and compact units, so there would be less of a use for this change.

I tend to pack all related units together, and leave bigger spaces between unrelated units.  I want related units to stand out as a group (I also use the group box).

My units are never aligned so nicely as you shown in the picture. I use free hand dragging, hence they always off by a few pixels. The result is ugly hook/knot.  Did you use auto-alignment/snap option?

Hi Skypatcher,

Sorry if I wasn't clear. The above screenshot is from Bolt 2, which is currently in Alpha. Yes, it includes a Snap option that comes enabled by default, so it really helps creating these neat graphs!