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Bolt2: problems with macro usage in combination with tweening

kicktherabbit 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

is there a problem in Bolt 2 with the usage of macros in kombination with tweening. I try to use a flow macro on several gameobjects. But its just working in "Generated Mode", not in "Live Mode". In live mode, I just can use it on one object. The others doesn't show or do strange things. 
But it seems thats its just in combination with tweening. Without tweening it seems to work. If I embed my flow, everthings runs fine on both modes. 
Any idea what this may be ?

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Hi Kicktherabbit,

Sorry you're experiencing this issue. Can you show a small example that reproduces the issue every time?

cube is a prefab with flow machine. in the flow there is just the tweening. 

Then I create three instances of the cube. 

so ... now. If the script in the cube is macro just one cube moves. 

But ... if the script is embeded, all are moving. 

This is all in Live Mode. But ... if I switch to macro again and use generatet Mode. Everything works again. 

So ... maybe I don't understand a concept. But I allway try to work as modular as possible and want to reuse the scripts. So here I have to decide, using generated and not beeing able to use the advantage of live flow while debugging or embeding, whats not very efficient if you have lots of instances. :-)
But how I said. Maybe its just an issue of the tweening.