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Bez Zaman 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

Hi Bolt Users, So I've managed to complete making a game with bolt which is wonderful. I've managed to work out how to get the ads showing but there is no option to show banners ads. I've set up a banner ad and its just displays it in full screen rather than the desired banner size, can somebody please help?

this is my flow macro, from what I understand there should be an option for advertisement.banner.show but that doesn't come up as an option in the fuzzy finder, is there any way to tackle this?

and this is the result I get, I'd like the banner to be placed below, on the screen. as having a full screen banner ad (pretty much an interstitial ad) throughout will definitely destroy the user experience.

thanks to anyone that can contribute towards a solution for this.

Hoping Lazlo can provide an answer as i've found most of his answers he has provided throughout the forums useful. :D

thanks again!

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Hi Bez

I've never personally used ads myself, but here is what I found.

Add the UnityEngine.Advertisements.Banner class to your custom type options in the Unit Options Wizard (Tools > Bolt).

Then, you'll be able to use Banner: Show. This takes a string parameter, which you should write as "banner".

More information on this page, under "Implementing Banner Ads":


It wouldn’t allow me to choose that as a custom type, also I’ve been through that guide, but it’s okay I’ll find another way around.

If it doesn't, make sure UnityEngine.Advertisements or (whichever assembly is related to the Monetization package) is included in the assemblies page before. In the types dropdown, it should show simply as "Banner" and should be under "Unity Engine / Advertisements".