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Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 9

In the spirit of offering a smooth transition for Blueprints user, a Gate control unit should be added.

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I've never used Blueprint before, so I'm not certain what this is... Can I get a better explanation?


You can scroll down on this page here:

Or look at this YouTube video:

It's basically a mini state machine for a common state configuration (you could do all it does with either boolean variables or a nested state unit for sure), but it's a handy shortcut to have.

Ahh, thats slick!


This unit is available in the latest build (1.3) of the Community Addons, available here:


I did change the icon right after this, and I had been messing with the unit to test it before recording it, so it didn't follow the Initially Open setter

(you're free to pull it if you want, Lazlo, anytime)


There will be two "gate" units, and they will be called Toggle Flow and Toggle Value.

They'll have all the ports you could need to handle any situation: