Flip Flop Unit

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 5

There should be a flip-flop (or switch-toggle) unit that alternates its output every time it is entered, similar to Blueprints' flip-flop node.

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I made a flip flop unit, it's included in my macros here: https://support.ludiq.io/communities/5/topics/1210-hypers-tools

But if anyone just wants the flip flop unit, just do this:

If you need just flip-flop switch for a button to hide or unhide GameObject:


Hmmm.... this isn't the Flip-Flop I know.  In control theory, a flip flop ( or latch ) takes a signal on two inputs (Set and Reset) and stores a single bit of information.  Once a true has come in on the Set wire, the node will continue to output set until a true comes in on the reset wire.  (the last case, where both are received, depends on the maker, with either the Set Dominant, Reset Dominant, or no change)


Doesn't mean we shouldn't have that node, but I would dearly love a different name on it.  Like... Toggle.  Either that and keep the FlipFlop name for this behavior for the familiarity with the Blueprint system, and go with Latch for the control theory one.

(for reference, I have written numerous emulators for the control hardware used in power plants, so control theory is near to my heart :-D  So much so, I couldn't resist:)


For the moment, I've decided against included flip-flop, latch or cycle units. There are too many cases for a simple design to answer all of them, and they can all be implemented manually using other available units.

However, there will be a Toggle Flow unit (see #266) that can act as Blueprints' FlipFlop node: 

Basically, if you connect Toggle and Turned On / Turned Off, you'll get the same behaviour.