Bolt window menu items not showing on Mac OSX

captnhanky 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 16 1 duplicate


Since on mac the bolt2 folder is not showing up in the "window" menu why not move the bolt2 folder to the "tools" menu?

This menu works on mac.

(I mainly would use bolt2 to learn c# but I can not activate the realtime code generation on mac)


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Bolt 2

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What OS are you using, Windows, OS X, or Linux?

Oh Sorry, I'm currently on my laptop which is OSX 10.14 Mojave. But I've also tried to install it on my iMac which has OSX 10.12.6 Sierra. Both computers give me the same issue. 

I have not confirmed this yet but think it’s related to OS X. 

Try it on any Unity version below 2018.3 or on a windows PC or boot camp if you have it for now. 

Also try installing in a clean project  and or rebooting Unity after install  

Hopefully Lazlo will address it in one of the next 3 Alpha  builds when he gets back from vacation 

Thats what I thought. The installation says it needs to be unity 2018.3 and I don't have access to a pc. Might be able to try bootcamp but I might just wait for a confirmed fix. 

Every attempt was on a clean install following the directions to a "T" with the reboot and everything. I'll stick with Bolt 1 for now, was just really interested in some of the new features but no rush. 

I had not realized that the latest Alpha was up to 2028.3 minimum. 

You can also ask on Discord and see if anyone has found a workatound for now. 

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That's odd, I'll have to test on Mac. It shows here on Windows. I wonder if the MenuItem attribute is bugged or something.

I’ll stay tuned. Could possibly be a Mac issue. Like I said I have an iMac and a laptop, one with Sierra and the other with the newest Mojave. Issue appears on both. 

I have exactly the same issue as Waterkulerbrush - also on Mac using Mojave.


Hi Captnhanky,

I haven't had time to look in the Mac menu issue yet, but it's likely that the [MenuItem] attribute is just not working at all, so the exact location (tools or window) shouldn't change a thing.

Working on Fix

Reproduced and reported a bug to Unity.

I'll remove the submenu ("/Bolt/") on OSX in the next release in the mean time. It seems that this is what causes it to fail. Items in the root work normally.

Thanks for processing!

Fixed in Alpha

Seeing as Unity didn't give me any news on this report for two months, I'll be adding a hotfix where menu items show as "Window/Bolt: Whatever" instead of "Window/Bolt/Whatever" when the editor is being run from OSX, starting in Alpha 4.

Confirming the fix on OSX.