Not a Bug

Missing Layer Mask type

Vong 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Missing a Layer Mask type. It defaults to an integer value.

Seems to be marked as Fixed since v.1.0.4
But still outputs as a value as recent as 3 months ago

[Gameobject: Get Layer] [Physics: Overlap Box] and [Expose Layer Mask] all output as value
Only [Layer Mask Literal] outputs the correct dropdown menu (enum?)

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Not a Bug

Hi AiSard,

That's not a bug; GameObject.Layer, Physics.OverlapBox, etc., all take int as a type, not LayerMask. Bolt just shows you what's in the Unity API.

You can however connect those ports with any port that inputs/outputs an actual LayerMask, and Bolt will take care of the conversion for you, so it's not an issue:

huh, somehow missed that in the Unity documentation.