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graphs are not saving

andrew 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

I have create two flow graphs using your tutorial but my own assets from my own game. It is a 2d platformer and it is working as expect with all the c# code that has been created. 

I decided to rewrite this using bolt and in doing so I am starting with the player controller, then will replace my current scripts with the working bolt equivalent. The problem is that when I close my Unity client, the saved macros do not show any units. The strange part is the character does move as expected, I just can't edit the graphs. I can include a screen shot but it would be easier to show over a screen share.

If I export the asset before closing Unity and then import it again over the top of the Macro then I can see the units and edit normally. 

Is there anything I have to do when I check in/out version for subversion? Wasn't sure if this process somehow made this break. 

I am also looking for direction on how to make a small graph for my animations. I use an animator with different states applied. For example, state 1 is idle 2 state 0 being idle 1 or attack is state 3 . The tutorial animator does not go over this ability.

oh if there is more tutorials or ways to learn this it would be great if you could lead me to water!

thank you in advance, 


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Hi Andrew, moved your technical question to the forum! Sorry for the late reply, I was on a holiday break.

Sorry you're having this issue. Can you tell me which version of Bolt and Unity you're using?

You mention using Subversion; does this only happen after a Subversion commit/checkout?

If the graph runs normally, then it means the data is actually there. Maybe it's simply out of view? You can try pressing the Home key or the Overview button in the graph window to tell Bolt to center the graph to your view.

Let me know if this helps!

Cannot Reproduce

Hi Andrew, 

Seeing as there hasn't been any additional detail for the last two weeks, I will close this as cannot reproduce for now. Feel free to comment again if you have more information.