Suggestion for text management

Alessandro 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 4


More a generic question than a Bolt one...

I'm looking for a nice extension to use with Bolt to manage the text (and localisation) for a text adventure/ life simulator type of game.

I already have Pixel Crush's Dialogue System for Unity, so I thought about having it manage all the UI/text and Bolt all the variables and event management, but maybe there's something easier?

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I like to use this asset for localisation:

But I'm building at the moment my own CMS based on an excel file and scriptable objects. But it needs more time until i can say more about it.

Thanks for the suggestion guys, will be looking into both.


It's unlikely that we'll ever include localization as part of Bolt, this seems outside the scope of the product. Maybe if one day we explore dialogue trees, but that's not happening any time soon for sure! In the mean time, I've personally had a good experience with Tiny Localization on the store and it should integrate with Bolt easily like all third party assets.