A mix of questions and suggestions

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Hi there

I have just been testing out Bolt and it seems like a really good solution for us non-coders!

However I was looking for examples after downloading and installing Bolt and I was surprised to not find any. I am not after anything complicated, just the usual roll-a-ball tutorial or similar would be good to give us an idea of best practices for things like key input.

I come from a UE4 blueprint background so that may excuse my next question, but in blueprint you would often have a lot of events in the same graph and then use a sequence on update to run all these events. However it seems like if I add a sequence with bolt it runs once and doesnt repeat. Should I instead restrict myself to just trigger a single event on update and then add more graphs to my gameobject to take care of the other event I want to trigger on update or do I simply have to daisychain them from the update event. If so thats not so nice. Instead it would be nice to be able to make a sequence repeat.

For UI I have a few suggestions;

- Enable the user to collapse nodes to only show input/output pins that are in use. When collapsed the node should look slightly different to let the user know it is collapsed

- Enable rescaling of groups. Currently I delete my groups and recreate them if I need them any bigger or smaller

- Cheeky one; The wizard hat symbol for custom events stands out in a negative way. The rest of the UI all looks nice and sleek but the wizard hat just looks off :)

Thats about it for now but I will surely be back since I really like Bolt so far and will continue using it. I am especially happy with the built-in save/load variables you got since I had many issues with that in blueprints :)

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Another comment; the rightclick add nodes feature in the graph editor doesnt show up unless I am zoomed in 100% It would be cool if this wasnt required since the graphs quickly becomes quite big and you as a user often work zoomed out.

That's unfortunately a Unity bug that I cannot fix. Unity even said that they don't intend to fix it anytime soon... Here's the link to the bug report, which I'm following closely: https://fogbugz.unity3d.com/default.asp?883652_e64gesk95q8c840s

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Thanks for the in-depth feedback. :) 

Let me address it point by point:

  • Examples: I'm currently working with a professional YouTuber to create a full tutorial series for Bolt. We've had some delays unfortunately, but expect plenty of video examples to get you started soon!
  • Sequence: Are you connecting the sequence input to the Update event (not Start)? If you are and it still only executes once, that's a bug. Please send a screenshot of what you're trying to do!
  • Collapsing: I'll take it into consideration. Is that a Blueprints thing? The main issue I see here is that I wouldn't know whether or not it should collapse ports with default (inline) values. Is your main issue that units take up too much vertical space? Because if so, I could also try offer a "compact" option with a smaller header and margins.
  • Group rescaling: Groups should already be resizable if you put your cursor around one of the edges (except the top one I believe). If it doesn't on your installation, that's a bug, let me know! And if you want to give yourself some more margin at the top, you can double-click the header to select all the items and drag them down.
  • Wizard hat icon: It might change if/when I implement event definitions. It's actually an inside joke between a tester and I ;) 




Sequence; Argh, I must have attached it to start instead. Sorry about that

Collapse; It might actually be more of a substance designer thing but it is very useful when screen estate becomes scarce.

Group rescaling; It is actually the same issue as the bug you linked :(

Thanks for great support


Alright, no problem! I'll create a "Compact Mode" idea (edit: here) because I agree that units can become too big for small screen resolutions and that zoom is sadly buggy.

--Didn't want to start a new thread, just wanted to comment--

When the tutorials become available I'll buy Bolt for sure. I know this product was just released, but any word on when tutorials will be made? 

Also, I'm a huge Playmaker fan and I love that it allows me to develop my games. However, the UI is generally bad and the actions within each state get really difficult to read. Opening and collapsing with no way to tell what is doing what because there are no action colors is super annoying after a long time of trying to solve a state. Point being with how beautiful Bolt's UI looks here and everything being exposed it looks quite cool. But, I don't think I could really get started without some tutorials.

Anyway, I'll keep checking in. Thanks!

Steve, have you gone through the docs right here in the forums? They are very well made and offer many examples to get you started. You may also want to follow  #BoltTips on twitter and check out https://imgur.com/a/trJYA#bBK76gj for even more.