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Variables of prefabs in 2018.3 disappearing

Boris Vitazek 3 years ago updated by Ex-Crow 3 years ago 3

I have problem when working with prefabs that are in the scene as well as in the assets, not during play mode

I work with a prefab, I make sure unity is not in play mode, I have selected the prefab from assets, not the one in scene graph. I add variables to bolt. Things work

When I delete the scene graph prefab, all variables I added will be deleted from the assets folder prefab. Even when I made sure i used revert all setting of prefab to the one that is in assets,

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Hi Boris,

If you're using the Variables window, are you sure you're on the Instance tab, not the Prefab tab? If you're on the prefab tab, you're actually editing the asset. 

In v.1.4.1b5, we will swap and rename these tabs more clearly (Prefab Instance and Prefab Definition) so that this common mistake is avoided.

I came here to report a similar issue.

I have a game object with some object variables and in the same scene I have a scene variable.

The game object has a macro.

So far all good and works as intended.

As the same game object is used across different scenes, I want to turn it into a prefab but when I do:

- The Prefab does not display any variable in edit mode, they show up in play mode;

- The scene variable disappears and it's not available in Play Mode either. If I create a new variable with the same name, it will disappear too.

Bolt 1.14.0f11

You have to get the latest Bolt beta from Ludiq's download page, Alessandro: https://ludiq.io/bolt/download/1.4.1b5

EDIT: 1.4.1 stable is released https://ludiq.io/bolt/download/1.4.1