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Frequent editor crashes outside of play mode

rthomp01 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 7

My editor has been crashing frequently outside of play mode. The immediate cause isn't apparent as it crashes seemingly at random sometimes while I'm moving objects around the scene, sometimes while I'm not doing anything in Unity at all. Error and crash logs seem to point to Bolt so I've attached them for reference. Any clues here?



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Hi Rthomp01,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. Thanks for providing a detailed report! However this is the first time something of the sort gets reported, so I have a few questions.

You're saying these crashes happen outside play mode (in edit mode), but the stack trace here starts at Bolt.EventMachine`2.Update(), which is only called during play mode. Can you confirm when the crash occurs?

From the log, it seems like a specific function causes the crash, which might be good news because we can find it. From the log, we can tell that:

  • It's called in an Update event
  • It's a parameter to a Multiply operation
  • It calls a static method with 2 parameters and a return value

Can you try finding the unit in question based on this information?

Thank you for looking through that for me. I'm fairly certain that the crash only happens while not in play mode. Most recently it had crashed while my pc was idle and the project was open. I will save the logs again for the next time it happens.

As for the unit in question, my project doesn't currently have too many bolt graphs in use. The only graph I could find that even has a multiply operation is this face camera graph.

Could the error be related to the quaternion * vector3 operation?

I will also keep looking and save the logs the next time it happens.


Hm, odd. Update never fires in edit mode, so the editor log you linked could not have been related to a crash in edit mode.

Can you try updating Bolt to the latest version (v.1.4.0f11) and see if that helps?

I'm updating now and will keep you posted whether or not it happens again.

I seem to be having the same issue—random editor crashes. Do you want me to put my info here, or start a new bug report?

If the editor gives you a similar error.log, please post it here. If it looks entirely different, please start a new issue.

Cannot Reproduce

Seeing as this issue is stale and we couldn't find reliable reproduction steps for it, I'm closing it as CR for now. Please feel free to reopen if ever you find a logic to the crashes.