Bolt Or Playmaker--Yes I've done the search but there is none on this one.

Leone Mitchell 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

I am weighing up both Bolt and Playmaker. I want to move forward with one of them and to ensure that i don't effectively waste my time. So here we go. 

I want to start working on a few projects I've had in mind. I am. studying C# general programming to complete class and other stuff. I need to know between Bolt and Playmaker 

Ease of use

Tutorial and General Help

Possiblity to build a game completely in Bolt/Playmaker 

Help me to transition over into coding and make me a better coder

Speed of Prototyping

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):

(Never used Playmaker but hope some of this helps)

Comparing Bolt vs Playmaker: https://ludiq.io/bolt/compare

All nodes (except a few) are basically C# in node form. I don't believe Playmaker uses the same ideology.

And you can use Reflection to bring in any C# methods in to Bolt in case you want to use both side-by-side.

Don't think it'd make you a better coder though, as while you'd gain a better understanding of C# in general (as it did for me), Bolt simplifies a lot of stuff for ease of use, so you'd be improving your Bolt instead. Still probably better than Playmaker though?

More Tutorials are coming soon™ but the Platformer one is great https://ludiq.io/bolt/learn and a bunch of community tutorials are also listed there. #beginner-help in the discord is the go-to place for help :)

I think* you can build a game completely in either. Bolt for sure.

No idea about comparing prototyping speed or ease-of-use though, hopefully someone else with experience on both chimes in?

Hope that helps

thanks anyone else


playmaker  will not make you better coder. it works with premade blocks .(states)  code inside them. and you just connect that blocks.

  bolt is   visual scripting . and if you see anywhere on unity site a script example you can remake it in bolt. just copy paste words /find them in bolt searcher and then connect them / this is immposible in playmaker.

im not coder but after bolt i understand whats happening in unity scripts and can read them

you can make game in both. but in my opinion playmaker has limitations/ + in PlayMaker you need connectors to plugins that can be outdated or you can miss some future becouse author didnt made block for it /

in bolt you have all code


I think bolt will make you a better game dev to understand coding better. That right there makes it worth the investment if you want to make a career out of it. 

Thanks alot guys. Anything on ease of use?