Assistance with lists and bolt

Boaz Marshall 3 years ago updated by Hasan Al Salman (Community Manager) 3 years ago 0


I'm a designer, very new to Bolt. i'm working on a simple dress up game for kids.

i need to create a flow of 5 hats, that run in a loop (1 to 5, and then back to 1).

for example, if a player clicks on the 1st hat, an animation will start and the 1st hat becomes the child of the main character.

In the meantime, a second hat appears and waits for the player to click on it.

When the player clicks on the second hat, the first one disappears, and the second hat becomes the child of the main character and so on. 

I thought about using a list, but i'm not sure on how to do it.

I have very little knowledge in coding, so any help would be very much appreciated!


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