Variable panel improvements

Vong 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

Some UX suggestions for the Variables Panel. From the perspective of someone who often edits graphs and variables during Play Mode.

- When transitioning between Edit/Play mode, Don't have the panel revert to Graph Variables, keep the focus on whatever sub-panel we were working on.

- In Play mode, if you create variables using the '+' icon in either the variables panel or in the inspector; At least retain their name and type when you go back to Edit mode. Not sure if this is feasible? But if it is, I don't think there are any situations where this could be a problem. Variables that initialized using Set Variable would have to be deleted like it is in the current implementation of course.

- In a similar vein, though less well-thought-out, but would it be interesting to have values inputted via the variables panel / inspector during Play Mode be.. remembered afterwards? Perhaps as grey italicized text in brackets following the previous Edit Mode value? Mostly in relation to how you can fiddle with 5-10 variable values then lose them all when you come back to Edit Mode :(

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Or instead of idea #3, perhaps when a value has been changed during Play mode, whether manually or by other means, a tiny button off to the side becomes bold and if you click it it updates the static value when you come back to Edit mode?

You'd have to have the presence of mind to check the values before you exit Play mode, but better than nothing?

Likewise, new variables could have a tiny button become bold if it was created during Play mode and pressing it makes sure it shows up in Edit mode?