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Until now, I have always coded my projects in Unity in C#, and I was searching for assets to develop a reliable workflow that I can use everyday when creating games. I found Bolt, which definitely looks amazing, and began trying to code with it. Thing is, I'd normally do a lot of things in code, and (at least for now) I'd spend more time making a flowgraph for character movements that I would with just coding it.
I was wondering if you can recommand uses of Bolt to go hand in hand with normal programming while improving the workflow, and how I can use my own functions in FlowGraph.
I already noticed how interesting Bolt would be to create Behaviours with StateGraphs, but is there any uses of Bolt you would recommand to improve Dev time/Making some things effortless?

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Hi Polaronode!

You can definitely mix both C# and Bolt in the same project, using whichever you feel most comfortable in for a given task. Because any C# class can be automatically converted in to nodes, you can for example use C# for low-level logic, and Bolt for high-level structure or organization between your classes and states.

A good starting point to see the possibilities would be this section of the manual: https://ludiq.io/bolt/manual/scripting

Let me know if you have more specific questions!

Thank you for the answer! That was what I was thinking, writing functions in c# and calling them/sending parameters through bolt to profit from the awesome live visual execution of charts you have. 

I wasn't really sure where or how to add my own functions, as I wondered if had to add the function to the unit database.

Once again, thank you! I'll come back with more questions once I get a hang on the tool.