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William ianneci 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 8

What may cause certain 3rd party assets to show no info on any elements from them for use with Bolt.  For instance, Camera Controller by ootii, Installed. Not under codebase, ok, I check project settings, nothing there, so at last I head to assembly to add it. Still, do not see any items related to it. Any ideas or am I missing a step or some information.

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Does this asset use MonoBehaviour / components? If so, after you've added the assembly, it should show up. If it doesn't, try restarting the editor to make sure.

If its scripts are not components, you'll also need to add the classes you want to use in the "Type options" list below.

I am pretty sure I checked type and assembly. Did not see anything related to it. It does have C# scripts, does not seem to have MonoBehaviour / components. It is very likely my lack of understanding this part fully or simply missing what I am looking for. I will do fresh import of it and try again. 

Ah. I put that particular asset on the back burner as it was not crucial. Other assets are however showing fine. 

I will reimport it tonight though and take another look so if it is a Bolt related issue it can be addressed. 

Ok, I reimported the asset. Ran setup again. Checked finder, saw nothing related to it.  Checked assembly, I am either not seeing anything I would recognize related to it to add or am misunderstanding what I am looking for.

Checked Type, nothing there that seems related to the asset as well.

I restarted the editor just to be sure. Not much help I know but the link to the asset is below. Perhaps its file list will help glean the needed insight. 


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This asset ships as script files, not DLLs, so you shouldn't have to add any assembly to your options.

Are you sure the types are not just located in the global namespace? Even though it's bad practice, many asset store developers do not put their scripts in a namespace.

Try searching for "camera"; do you see anything then?


OK, issue resolved. As you surmised, I had to narrow my search in Types and found his scripts. Just not unique naming that stood out, but your location info on the right shows ootii just easy to miss. All good. TY.