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Wait not working, Coroutine checked "Stop may only be called on coroutines."

Von Betelgeuse 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3


I'm having a problem with Wait units. I ticked the Coroutine box On Enter State but when I reach Wait Until, there is no Wait, it's as if the branch terminates there.

On exiting the scene I get the error: NotSupportedException: Stop may only be called on coroutines.

Which suggests that the branch isn't being recognized as a Coroutine even though the box is ticked.

Additional: This problem appears to be tied to Monobehavior Invoke, after going through the flow it just gives up.

Additional 2: Ok so what I've found is that this problem appeared in Bolt 1.4.0f11, but was not present in 1.4.0f7, I have downgraded to 1.4.0f7 and this problem has immediately disappeared.

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Hi Von Betelgeuse,

I initially merged your thread with the one suggested by Cooloon but it appears to be different issues.

Can you paste a screenshot of the graph(s) required to trigger the error?

Cannot Reproduce

Marking as cannot reproduce as I'm missing reproduction steps, but feel free to comment again with them & I'll re-open the issue.