flow machine trigger unity event

indae.hwang 3 years ago updated by Sadik Saidov 3 years ago 7

I want to use flowmachine trigger unity event but there is no option to select. Anyone know how to get the option?
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Hi indae,

Do not drag the Flow Macro in the target field, drag the Flow Machine component itself (you can drag it from its header in the inspector).

Many thanks. Good to know that. It works. It will be wonderful if it mentioned in the manual.

Hello Lazlo

Can you please show me with some give or screenshot, I have the same problem, I cannot connect flow machines to the Button or mouse enter event, or can you advise any video I can see?


Hello Elin

Thank you very much, one more question: is "Go" state name inside BoltGowithFlowMachine macro? 

Why am I asking this, I tried this method, my state name was "Start", I dragged flow macro and wrote down Start, when I click the button, the Start state never happened. 

Thank you for your help

You are not triggering states! It's a basic Unity event. So you need a unity event node inside your flow with the correct string