How do you save flow/state machine versions?

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I have tried export asset packages, save scene as "scene vDATE TIME" and changes I make in one version show up in previously saved versions. This is causing major issues. Do you have to have completely different projects in order to test/try out different approaches in flow/state machines? 

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Thanks, that will help with versioning.

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Hi 10429200,

You can simply duplicate your Flow Macro or State Macro and version that file. 

Versioning your scene will only work if your machines are set to have Embed graphs (those are saved in the scene itself). If they have Macro graphs, they are not saved along the scene.

So, if I am understanding you correctly: macro graphs are saved at the project level and embed graphs are saved at the scene level, and State machines would also be saved at the project level also.

When you say version that file - does that mean versioning at the Unity project level?

That's almost it! Whether it's a flow or a state graph, it's the same thing. The difference here is macro (project) and embed (scene).

Yes, what I meant by versioning that file is to version the macros you want to attempt modifying if you're unsure of your changes. Better yet, I would recommend any kind of version control system, like Collaborate, Subversion, Git or Plastic to manage versioning, instead of having to keep track manually.