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Elapse 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3


just updated to the latest bolt version and there is a bug in the formula modul. It doesn't update its values anymore, in my case in a for loop.

To simply recreate this issue: use a for loop (0;5;1) inside a input button event, a formula A+B connected to a debug.log message in the body and insert a literal integer 1 for A and the index for B.

When triggering, the debug.log always puts the literal integer out.

Greetz Marten

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Working on Fix

Hi Elapse,

That's a regression introduced in v.1.4.0f11 indeed. I changed the Formula unit to cache its inputs. I realize now from your report that it can cause unwanted effects.

I'll change the behaviour back to normal in v1.4.0f12, and add an optional checkbox for input caching. Thanks for pointing it out!

Fixed in Next Version

Fixed for v.1.4.0f12, added a checkbox (default false, previous behaviour):