AR foundation basics

Elin 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 8
Here is a basic introduction into AR foundation with bolt.
Feedback is always welcome ;-)

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I followed step but I can't find " List <ARRaycastHit> " in bolt 2.

I turn off AOT safe mode as mention in a tutorial.

Thanks in advance.

it looks like it won't work with the current bolt 2 version. i did some experiments, but without success.

As soon as Bolt 2 is stable I will update the tutorial.


Thanks for reply.

Hi 3d_artist, Elin,

We disabled generic lists in the current alpha until we fully support generics in Alpha 4. Sorry for the inconvenience! Maybe you can use the Create List etc. units in the mean time?


no worries.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi Elin and Bolt team... 

How to add a «Bolt's custom event» in ARfoundation C# script ?


For AR foundation 2.1:
Actually, only one thing has changed. The raycast is no longer called via session origin but via ARRaycast Manager on the same object.

I will update the tutorial in functionality as soon as AR foundation is stable and out of preview.